Woodland Walks

In our family we all love a good woodland walk. Sometimes our kids moan that they can’t be bothered, but if we promise to get wet in our wellies, that usually gets us out of the door.

We have really enjoyed exploring our local area during the lockdown and the further restrictions. It has forced us to spend more time locally and really appreciate what is on our doorstep.

Prior to lockdown, weekends were often more chaotic and driven by things we had to do. We have missed the children’s parties and the social events that we had planned. However this has made way for more relaxed and enjoyable times together.

I think the children need time to chill out at the weekend, but I do insist we all get out for some fresh air at some point. Most weekends we find ourselves getting outside to enjoy a woodland walk. I am amazed how many massive woodland areas we have discovered within a couple of miles of our home.

Things to Bring on a Woodland Walk

I always pack a rucksack with snacks and drinks and I have recently added a first aid kit along with wipes and sanitiser. If we have driven to our walk then I often bring spare socks and shoes in the car for when we get back with soggy wet feet or muddy boots.

Things to Do on a Woodland Walk

Building dens (or discovering dens built by others) has become a fun part of our walks. 

Wildlife hunts – we have been lucky to spot a deer as well as squirrels and rabbits.

Bird watching – we have a book and tick off the birds that we spot.

Artwork – we have brought some paper and pens and all drawn something whilst out and about.

Crayon rubbings – this can be fun on marked trails or simply rubbing on tree bark.


The Woodland Trust offers some advice on getting out for woodland walks if you click on this link – Woodland Trust.

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