Where in the world are all the countries beginning with A?

Following on from a previous post listing all the countries in alphabetical order, I am now going to locate each of them and attempt to describe where they are in the world. This is part of my attempt to improve my Geography knowledge as I am frequently embarrassed at my own ignorance. This is not a technical description, so if you’re looking for a professional country location description then you’re in the wrong place. This is simply an aid for me to remember for my monthly pub quiz and family games.

There’s loads to work through so I am going to tackle this one letter at a time.

So, where in the world are all the countries beginning with A…

Countries Starting with A

Afghanistan – landlocked country in Asia, sits between Iran (to West), Pakistan (to East), Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Albania – sits to the East of the heel of Italy’s boot across the sea. This Eastern European country features a large coastline (Ioanian Sea in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic sea) down the West side of the country. Borders with Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece. I don’t know much about the country of Albani, but I feel slightly more educated than Homer Simpson. There is a line in The Simpsons where someone refers to Albanians and Homer Simpson replies “All white with pink eyes?”

Algeria – large country in North Africa south of France with the Mediterranean between them. Borders with Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and Tunisia.

Andorra – tiny little country sitting between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains.

Angola – Southern African nation with Western coastline (Atlantic Ocean). Borders with Namibia, Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo. There is an extra bit lying separate to the main area of Angola (Pointe-Noire) sitting within DRC.

Antigua and Barbuda – country in the West Indies, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It comprises the two major islands (Antigua and Barbuda) and several smaller ones. Puerto Rico and Deminican Republic sit to the North-West of these islands.

Argentina – large South American nation (most Southern) with thin Chile clinging to its West side. Largest Spanish speaking nation. 8th largest country in the world, 4th largest in the Americas. South Atlantic Ocean to the East.

Armenia – landlocked country with Turkey to the West, Georgia to the North and Azerbaijan to the East. Appears to be debatable whether Armenia is part of Europe or Asia as it sits where the two meet (some would say Eurasia).

Australia – large island in the Southern hemisphere. 6th largest country in the world. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean (to the West) and the Pacific Ocean (to the East). Australia/Oceania is the smallest continent of the seven continents.

Austria – landlocked country in Central Europe. Borders with Germany and Czech Republic to the North, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Liechtenstein.

Azerbaijan – features a coastline to the East in the Caspian Sea. Borders with Russia and Georgia to the North, Iran to the South and Armenia to the South West. Like Armenia, Azerbaijan is classed as Eurasia sitting in Western Asia and Eastern Europe.


For a full list of all the countries in the world, go to my blog post Alphabetical list of all the countries in the world?

My next Geography boosting post will be finding where in the world are all the countries beginning with “B”? This quest could take a while!


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