Welly Walks in West Yorkshire

Welly WalkWe have discovered the joy of Welly Walks this Summer. As a family of four, we have always enjoyed getting outside and going for walks, but recently we have been getting our wellies on (all 4 of us, not just the kids) and walking in our local streams and rivers.

Many of the wellies for young kids are short, sitting just above the ankle, but we were lucky to get hold of some Hunter wellies for my five year old, which come  a lot higher. This means we can all enjoy getting into the water and exploring together. I also bought welly socks for each of us as this makes the whole experience a lot warmer and more comfortable.

Recently we encouraged our extended family to join in the fun so we have all put on our wellies to go and explore.

Welly Walks Wildlife

It is a fun way to discover wildlife. We are lucky to have nice clean waterways close to where we live. The kids have spotted frog spawn and tadpoles as well as fish, crayfish and insects such as boatmen and pond skaters. We have looked up various creatures to discover what they are and we looked after a couple of tadpoles before returning them to their natural habitat.

Welly Walks Adventure

With limited options for entertaining the kids due to lockdown restrictions, we love getting outdoors for an adventure. Welly Walks are a great way to have a fun and free adventure with the kids.

Discover Welly Walks Near You

If you are wondering where would be good for a Welly Walk, then the National Trust may be able to help with a list of local welly walks. We usually set off wandering from home, but I would like to check out the suggestions in the National Trust’s Welly Walks in Yorkshire.

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