The Bestest Superlatives in Geography

Due to my poor knowledge of Geography, I am trying to improve my awareness of the world and world facts. I began by identifying all the countries in the world, then I worked on locating them all, starting with countries beginning with A. I added a further post describing the locations of all countries beginning with B.┬áThis exercise is proving more time-consuming than I expected.┬áRather than plod on through countries beginning with C, I thought I’d look at some top Geography facts. Biggest, longest, highest, all the great bestest superlatives relating to the world.

Top World Facts

All the top facts relating to the biggest and bestest superlatives in the world:

  1. Largest continent – Asia – 17, 212, 000 square miles
  2. Smallest continent – Australia – 3, 132, 000 square miles
  3. Largest country – Russia – 6, 592, 735 square miles
  4. Smallest country – Vatican City – 0.17 square miles
  5. Largest city (population) – Tokyo – 38 million (Dec 2016)
  6. Largest ocean – Pacific – 70 million square miles (181.4 million square km)
  7. Smallest ocean – Arctic Ocean – 5, 427, 000 square miles
  8. Longest river – Nile (North/East Africa) – 4,145 miles
  9. Largest river by area – Amazon (c. 2.7 million square miles)
  10. Largest lake – Caspian Sea (Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran) 18,880 cubic metres
  11. Highest mountain – Mount Everest, The Himalayas, Nepal – 8,850 m (29, 035 feet) above sea level
  12. Coldest recorded temperature – Vostok, Antartica -128.6 F
  13. Hottest recorded temperature – Al Aziziyah, Libya 58 C (136.4 F) recorded in 1922
  14. Highest waterfall – Angel Falls (Venezuela) 978 m (3,209 feet)
  15. Largest island – Greenland (part of Denmark) – 822,500 square miles
  16. Biggest desert – Sahara 3, 500, 000 sq miles (9 million square km)

The above list includes many of the top superlative geography facts.

How about some other interesting Geography facts to blow your mind?

Interesting World Facts

  1. Australia is wider than the moon – Moon 2,100 miles (3,400 km) diameter, Australia 2,485 miles (4,000 km) diameter.
  2. Russia and the US are only 2.5 miles (4km) apart geographically at their closest point, but there is a 21 hour time difference between them.
  3. There are only 2 countries in the world that are double land-locked, ie you need to travel through 2 countries to reach the sea – Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein (some argue that the Caspian Sea disqualifies Uzbekistan, however this is widely regarded as a big lake, biggest in the world, see above).
  4. Glaciers store about 75% of the planet’s fresh water.
  5. There are 11 states in the US which are larger than the UK.
  6. The Pacific Ocean is shrinking while the Atlantic is getting wider.
  7. Continents shift at about the same rate as your fingernails grow.
  8. The Dead Sea is currently 429 metres below sea level and sinking about 1 metre a year.
  9. Russia spans 11 time zones.
  10. More than half the world’s population lives in India, China and a few other South East Asian countries.
  11. There are no bridges across the Amazon, the biggest river of the world (largest by area, see above).
  12. The shortest name of a place is ‘A’. There are several villages with this name in Scandinavia and the letter features a little circle above it that I can’t type. It means ‘river’. There are other one letter names of places including ‘U’ a place in Tibet. ‘O’ is the name of a river in Devon, England.

So, there’s a bunch of interesting facts that I should try to remember for my pub quiz.

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