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Family Day Out in Portmeirion in North Wales

Why Visit Portmeirion?

Having visited Portmeirion when I was younger, I was keen to return with my own family. So whilst in North Wales last Autumn with my kids and extended family we made a day of it.

We all had our reasons to visit the intriguing village of Portmeirion. I wanted to bring back nice memories from my childhood. My sister in law is a photographer so wanted to capture the beautiful scenery. My parents love to see wildlife and attractive buildings and gardens. The kids are always easily sold on the promise of an ice cream parlour.

Things to do at Portmeirion

Portmeirion is a beautiful village created by an architect called Clough Williams-Ellis (1883-1978). This visitor site is a collection of striking buildings in a beautiful setting. The area appears to be a microclimate as Portmeirion hosts a wide variety of flowers, trees and wildlife. We were lucky to visit on a dry day and enjoyed the sights.

There are lovely little cafes and shops with quality items. We enjoyed browsing the children’s toys and the local Portmeirion crockery.

There is a little road train that takes visitors on a short trip around the forest. We were lucky to see the gorgeous colours of many autumnal leaves and some pretty evergreens. I loved the views of vibrant red leaves of Japanese Maple trees across the lily pond.

Overall Thoughts on Portmeirion

We all had a lovely day out here. There was limited entertainment for children during our visit, but we had three young kids that played well together. Kids could be bored wandering round if they like to be entertained. If they’re happy with a game of hide and seek then they may be happy. The coffee in the cafe/restaurant was lovely with a small selection of cakes.

One big disappointment was that the ice cream parlours ran out of many flavours of ice cream. My promise was somewhat unfulfilled when we could only get a whipped style ice cream in a basic cafe bar.