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The Toilet Training Race

little girl on trampolineFor some reason there are lots of people who feel the need to toilet train their little darlings as quickly as possible. I have known people boast about the joys of successful toilet training at just 18 months or two years of age. Often these people can be found walking round the park with a potty in hand. That’s not really my idea of toilet trained and I will not be found stopping every few metres to try for a wee on the potty while out and about.

I have no desire to rush with toilet training. My youngest decided about a year ago (before her second Birthday – whoop for me!) that she wanted to go to the toilet. She did this and she did a poo in the toilet at a local play gym. I congratulated her and may have even bought her a treat. The other parents were astounded and said I should be so relieved, so proud. I played it down. I was in no rush for toilet training. I have encouraged my little one to use the toilet or potty when she wants to go, but I haven’t declared the start of our potty training journey. Sometimes it is convenient, like when we are at home, but we’re not at home very much. I like to walk when I can, which sometimes means long journeys in the buggy and I would struggle to do this and get her using the toilet every time she needs it.

For me, toilet training with my eldest was the exact moment when I was no longer able to have a hot meal in a restaurant if with my children. My eldest still insists on going to the toilet at the exact moment my food arrives. Even when I have taken her to the toilet immediately after ordering food, in preparation for the inevitable toilet visit, she still insists on going as soon as my food touches the table. There are very few restaurants that have baby change in the male toilets so this is always my job. Now that my youngest is frequently requesting to go to the toilet, I have two daughters to take to the loo on a regular basis.

My eldest was using the toilet around her 3rd Birthday and it was a simple process with few accidents. She was also dry through the night at the same time, which I know is very unusual.

We went out for our tea last night and I must have gone to the toilet at least five times. My pizza was cold and a lot less desirable than when it was presented in front of me and everyone else managed to chat and leisurely eat their meal in peace.

I am not one to preach to others, but I do not see why people make such a big deal about having a toilet trained child. A few people have told me that I really should be working on toilet training by now and I just think no, I’d rather not. Nappies are so easy and convenient and pull-ups are a great in-between. I can see that the cost of nappies could be a concern for some and I understand the environmental issues, but as for convenience, I choose nappies and a slower progression with the toilet milestone. If I was relying on the old style of reusable washable cloth nappies, then I would certainly have felt the need to get my little ones toilet trained as quickly as possible, but I don’t see the need.

My youngest is now going to the toilet or the singing potty fairly regularly, but I have the back up of a pull-up if needed. We have tried knickers a few times as she loves the thought of them, but after the poorly tummy day where knickers were not a good idea, I have put them off for a while!

Good luck with potty training and don’t be pressured into it.