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Go Ape in Dalby Forest – Fab Family Day Out

Go ape family day outWe recently visited Go Ape as a family and we had a great day out. Our 7 year old daughter and 6 year old nephew showed no fear as they leapt about and flew through the air on the zip wire. Unfortunately our 3 year old daughter was too short to join in. She is 95cm and the minimum at Dalby is 1m. She seemed happy enough watching from beneath us with Nana and Grandad.

We have previously done the main Go Ape course, but we wanted to include the kids so we did the Junior one. It was a similar experience, but just an hour, which was probably about right for our kids, especially as it was their first time and I didn’t know whether they would enjoy it or freak out. The Junior course offers two different routes and you can make your way around choosing your route for the hour’s duration. There were a couple of girls on the ropes without an adult and one of them was completely freaking out. We helped her round, holding her hand and encouraging her, but I was surprised to see young kids unsupervised.

The Junior course differs from the larger one as you do not have to keep unhooking and hooking yourself onto the course. This was a lot easier with younger ones and took away some of that fear. It always feels strange to me to be fully responsible for keeping your harness locked on.

You need to be prepared for wood chip down your pants as landing on your feet is quite tricky. We all had at least one landing where we ended up on our bum.

The staff were all lovely and very helpful. They encouraged everyone and were sympathetic towards the scared child, helping her to exit the course early.

Food and Other Facilities

We went in the cafe before going on the ropes which was nice for a light lunch. We also enjoyed a lovely ice cream afterwards whilst the kids ran about in the playground. There was plenty of space and the playground was great for the kids. Some people had brought barbecues and were enjoying these in the designated area.Standedge Tunnel Canal Boat Trip

We walked the Highway Rat trail, which was a pleasant 5Km walk through the woods. The familiar pictures on signs maintained some interest for the kids and you can buy an activity pack and get rubbings as you go round but we didn’t see the packs before we went.

There was a car parking charge of £9 which you can pay by card at a machine once in the forest.

I would recommend this day out to anyone with an adventurous side. It feels like a great achievement when you complete it.

Book your day out through the Go Ape website.