Planning a Holiday

Holiday PlanningEach year, normally around Christmas and through January, I go through a tiresome process of searching options in order to select the perfect holiday for our family.


I start by browsing a range of options. I am generally open to a wide range of ideas and work my way through different destinations and different types of holidays. Hot, warm, likely cool. All inclusive hotels, camping, Eurocamp, cottages etc. This initial search helps me to create a list of definite requirements, desirable features and things to avoid at all costs. Every holiday I learn something new and usually add a new element to avoid at all costs.


Anyone that knows me knows that I love a list… This year’s list of definite requirements includes a separate sleeping area for our kids. Previous experiences of a family rooms in a hotels have proved challenging and some lovely hotels are squeezing families into what are really double rooms. A fortnight of no sleep is not conducive to a restful break for me. Desirable features include sunny weather and a swimming pool. Previously sunny weather has been a requirement, but my priorities are changing slightly. Things to avoid at all costs include hot weather, which rules out Greece and Cyprus unfortunately. Many beautiful places, but a heatwave with little ones can be really difficult.

I find the list helps as David and I have been easily swung by a pretty location or an enthusiastic travel agent. We can recall once going into a travel agent with a destination, dates and departure airport. We were just looking and didn’t intend to book anything, but came out having booked a different location, different dates, different airport. The holiday was good in some ways, but we wished we had stuck to the plan.


Once I have used my criteria to choose a holiday, I give the family a bunch of options and between us we select one. It is quite a long drawn out process, but I like to think I have done my best to find the most suitable holiday that I can find. I hate to panic about little niggles and wonder whether I have made a mistake.

Do you have any specific process for finding the perfect holiday? Do you have a set criteria?

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