Lost the Last Decade of Music

Out of Touch with Current Music

Since having kids I feel like the world of music has completely passed me by. My taste in music is very wide and I have always been open to new influences. I used to be reasonably aware of what was popular. However I feel like I am completely out of touch with modern music. I think it’s since becoming a Mum. I guess there is no longer space for my own music. I am forced to listen to kiddy pop, some of which is ok, but I probably wouldn’t choose it. Last year I asked for a digital radio in the kitchen. This was prior to the talk activated tablet things like Alexa, Echo and Dot devices available now. I think, unless I missed that launch as well. Occasionally I listen to Radio 2 as I make a meal or drive my car, but it is fairly rare I remember to switch it on. Saying that, I have heard my 7 year old singing the jingle a lot lately – “BBC Radio 2” which always makes me chuckle.

Running Music

When I am out for a run, I listen to playlists and I am increasingly aware that most of my song choices come from the 1990’s. They’re not really motivational tunes, but I do like a classic Indie tune to take my mind of the pain and tediousness of running. I love a bit of Blur and Oasis, and other Indie classics like Ash, Shed Seven. Sometimes I’m in the mood for Sheryl Crow and other times The Chemical Brothers. Madness and George Michael also feature on my playlists. Scissor Sisters is the last concert I can remember going to (pre-kids) and I like to listen to their funny boppy songs. Then I have a bunch of 60’s classics including Marvin Gay, The Beatles, The Hollies. Radio X has a list of top Indie tunes of all time ¬†and these are my kind of tunes.

Miss Buying a CD

Radio 2 do throw out the occasional modern tune and I like some of it, but I don’t tend to latch onto it. I used to like buying music and receiving an album as a present. Now that the act of going into a shop and buying an album has pretty much died out, I can’t remember the last time I added anything to my collection. I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to buying on iTunes. I always worry I’ll lose it all or something. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I liked placing a CD in the tray and looking at the list of tracks while I listened to it. I have boxes of CDs, which I no longer ever listen to.

Re-discovering Modern Music

I have friends that seem to have survived as modern music lovers. They tell me about concerts and tunes for current bands and singers. I smile, wondering who they are talking about. Am I the only one that has deserted the world of music since having kids? I wonder if my kids will bring me back into the music scene as they develop their taste. My car does now feature a lot of Greatest Showman, Katy Perry and Little Mix, so I guess I’m starting to get into this decade.

I think I need to make an effort to listen to some more modern stuff. Maybe I’ll get on iTunes and buy some music.

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