Favourite Drinks

I have a range of favourite drinks, depending on the time and place. I am known for my indecisiveness when choosing a drink. Here are my top choices in drinks, in no particular order.

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

This is such an amazing cocktail. It is perfect after a meal to wake me up and is just such a treat.

I don't normally feel the effect of caffeine, but I know about it when I've had one of these.

Great for a boost!



I love a milky coffee and a latte is my favourite of all the coffee options.

I used to ask for a "larrrtte", but I realised that the Italians say "latte" with a short "a" so I'm happy to embrace my more natural Northern pronunciation.



I can never get past the loveliness of Prosecco.

Perfect for any celebration or achievement, such as reaching the end of the week in one piece. Pizza and a prosecco is a winning combo for me on a Friday evening.



I love a bottle of Corona, ideally with a slice of lime in the top. Perfect for a sunny barbecue, but equally good with my evening meal.

I can sup a bottle of Corona in just a few minutes so I have to watch myself.

Fresh Coffee

Proper coffee

There's something special about making proper coffee in a caffetiere. I don't often make the effort with proper coffee at home, but now and again when I am child-free, this is a lovely option.

If accompanied by a triple chocolate cookie, then that is a bonus.


Porn Star Martini

What a great cocktail. In the photo I am enjoying Center Parcs' family friendly version - 'Passion Martini'.

I love a Porn Star Martini before a meal and I even enjoy eating the passion fruit.



I often associate Peroni with Italian restaurants and I do like to indulge in a bottle of Peroni. I drink this slower than Corona so it is a good barbecue or afternoon option.

Good for watching a sporting event, like a World Cup match or something.