Family Games

We love a good board game in our house and during lockdown we have had plenty of time to play all of our favourite family games.

We even spent a particularly miserable rainy day seeing how many different games we could play in one afternoon. We emptied out all the cupboards and played each game once before moving on to the next one.

I find that some games are too long for younger children and they often involve reading. These games are all aimed at the younger end and we think they are good fun for all the family.

Our Top Ten Family Games:

  1. Junior Monopoly – much simpler and quicker than the full version, this is a great game for young children.
  2. Dobble – a great game for kids of all ages, this game simply relies on matching pictures on the cards so there is no reading.
  3. Connect 4 – always a winner, this is a simple game for two players.
  4. Guess Who? – a great game that is all about observation, kids love to ask questions to narrow down the faces.
  5. Shopping Basket – one of many great games from Orchard, this involves trying to find shopping items to fill your trolley.
  6. Snakes and Ladders – there are many versions of this game, but kids love playing this game and using the dice helps to get them familiar with numbers.
  7. Twister – challenging for all ages, Twister is a fun game that will have everyone falling about laughing.
  8. Mousetrap – kids love working their way around the Mousetrap board.
  9. Solitaire – this is a great game for kids to sit and play on their own. They leapfrog pieces aiming to leave only one piece.
  10. 5 Second Rule Junior – this is a fun game where you have to name three things within a category such as farm animals, names that start with ‘S’ and reasons to sing. The board itself is a bit small with only 12 squares to reach the end, but the cards and timer work well for kids and adults of all ages.