Paper Plate Animals Easy Craft for Kids

paper plate tiger craftEasy Craft Paper Plate Animals

Here’s an idea for an easy craft with kids to make paper plate animals. We made a tiger and a sheep, but there’s lots of ideas for different animals using a few simple materials.

We have spent quite a bit of time indoors lately with all the cold wet weather. This always means we find time for some simple crafts. We had a stack of paper plates so this is what we did.

My kids love to make things and paint things, especially when we’re stuck indoors. We recently had a bit of fun making animals with paper plates.


Simple Craft Materials

I am not generally one for expensive specialist materials and making animals out of paper plates requires very few. To make the tiger that my six year old made (with minimal help), you just need paper plates and colouring pens or paints and some googly eyes.

My two year old made a sheep using cotton wool. I applied plenty of PVA glue and she simply stuck lots of cotton wool all over the paper plate. She then stuck on some eyes and a bit of black paper for a nose and mouth.

Other Animal Ideas

There are loads of animals that you could make with just a few materials.

A rabbit would be easy if you made a couple of ears out of paper or card and added some eyes, whiskers and teeth.

You could make a panda if you cut out some circles from black paper or card and stuck them on the plate.

An owl would be simple with a couple of large circles for eyes and a triangular nose. You could decorate this with feathers and make wings and feet from extra bits of paper plates.

You can make seasonal paper plate crafts such as bunnies for Easter, pumpkins for Halloween or reindeer for Christmas.

Paper Plate Animal Masks

You can easily adapt these paper plate animals to make masks. You can simply cut eye holes in the plate and added a little elastic to fit around your child’s head.


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