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Mummy Moment

Mummy moment - sewing a bunny's leg after drinking wineThere are certain times where you look at your situation and think, yes, this is one of those ‘Mummy Moments’. Prior to kids, you can imagine certain inevitable Mummy Moments, such as the cuddles after a fall or playing in a park or walking your child to school. Others are less obvious and sometimes less natural.

Tonight’s Mummy Moment involved me sewing up a fluffy bunny after drinking wine. I promised my daughter that I would do it before I went to bed. She had questioned whether I would be able to do it. I said “Of course” as I walked away wondering whether, in fact, I could do it! I settled to watch a film and drank some wine, then remembered I promised, therefore, I must sew up the bunny as best I can.

So here I am. It is a Saturday night and my daughter is sleeping like an angel in her bed and I am sitting on the couch sewing up a stuffed toy while watching a film.

I can remember my Mum sewing items of clothing and making me dresses when I was a child and she seemed like she knew what she was doing. I just thread a needle back and forth and hope that it will suffice. Sewing isn’t something I’m very good at. However, it is quicker and easier than expected.

Before I went to bed, I placed the bunny in my daughter’s arms. She was fast asleep and I kiss her goodnight on her forehead whispering “night, night”.

The next morning, she rushed into my bedroom at an early hour and threw her arms around me, saying thank you for fixing her favourite bunny.

It wasn’t such a big deal after all and it is nice to be appreciated now and again!