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Meet The Family

This is one of my favourite photos of the four of us together. David, Catherine, Abigail and Jessica all looking at the camera, which is pretty rare!

My sister in law takes fabulous photos and she kindly offered to take some photos of us. We rarely manage to get photos of all of us as I am usually taking the photos and I wanted some nice ones for my annual family calendars.

We headed outside and she managed to capture some natural shots with the girls playing in and amongst the leaves as well as a few of us together.

I wanted a portrait photo of us all and this seemed the perfect way to get one. Luckily she managed to take the photo pretty quickly as we couldn’t hold the pose for long because we were soon sliding down the slide.

Embleton Beach, Northumberland

This is us on holiday on the beach in Embleton in Northumberland.

The beach was amazingly peaceful and surprisingly sheltered. We were there in November and we managed to play around for hours before feeling the cold. There were some rock pools, which we managed to explore, but only managed to spot a couple of crabs. We did build lots of sandcastles and a moat and we decorated the sandcastles with shells from the beach. We also dug out a couple of boats for the kids to sit in.

After a play around on the beach, we went to the Ship Inn pub, which was just off the beach at Embleton Bay. I had read about their crab sandwiches, which we sampled along with other food and drinks. All were delicious and we liked the friendly atmosphere in there. It gets really busy and you can struggle to get a table so you need to get there for opening time to guarantee a seat.