Month: December 2018

Escape Rooms at ROKT, West Yorkshire

Last night I took part in my first Escape Room and it was great fun.

I don’t want to give anything away about the actual Escape Room, so I’m just going to share a little of the general¬†experience.

I booked the Project Breakout Escape Room at ROKT in Brighouse as a Birthday present.

The experience took place on a Thursday evening and I booked a one hour experience.

ROKT in Brighouse

We arrived early for our session and met Benn who brought us upstairs (up many stairs) to the Escape Rooms.

The building is a former flour mill and has been converted into a multi functional activity centre. This includes rock climbing, bouldering, yoga and various other activities.

ROKT Escape Rooms

Benn is the organiser of the Escape Rooms. He was very friendly and clearly enjoys his job, supporting people through the experience of Escape Rooms.

There are currently three Escape Rooms at ROKT – The Antidote, Project Z and The Doll Maker. They have been running a while and there are hundreds of photos showing the many people who have taken part at ROKT.

Escape Room Experience

Benn gave us some useful tips and advice at the beginning of the session. He also calmed any fears I had about the experience. Benn explained that he would be watching us and he would be on hand if we had any issues or problems.

We were a group of four and we did really well. Working together as a team, we managed to make our way through a variety of puzzles. We managed to complete the experience without any fall outs or raised voices, which was a pleasant surprise. Each of us contributed to the experience and we all felt that it was good fun and definitely something we would like to do again.

Prior to the Escape Room, I had worried a bit that it would be fiddly or physically demanding (think Chrystal Maze type scenario). However this was not the case. Once we had established what we needed to do, it was simply a case of working through things.

Benn said that he would intervene if we were struggling or getting way off track. He spoke to us a couple of times during the experience, but it was a gentle nudge here and there rather than big steering, which was perfect.

If you are thinking of booking an experience like this, I would definitely recommend it. It was great to do something a bit different and actually use our brains collectively.

If you are interested in finding out more about ROKT Escape Rooms or you’d like to book, check out the website at¬†