Month: June 2018

Colourful Doodle Drawings Easy Craft With Kids

picture of child colouring in a doodle picture
Easy craft colourful doodles

I love a pretty (but easy) craft and these colourful doodle pictures simply require some paper and some colouring pens.

My kids (aged 6 and 3) enjoyed doing this and I sat with them and joined in. It was a rare calm afternoon where we all switched off and enjoyed doodling.

I was surprised how long my kids sat and coloured at the table. My 3 year old simply scribbled all over the page, but she was happy to join in.

With the Summer holidays approaching, I find it really handy to have a bunch of ideas for sitting together and doing something. This was more fun than expected and the final doodles looked great.

How To Make Colourful Doodle Pictures

Draw squiggly lines all over a piece of paper. You can do as many or as few as you like. You can draw swirly patterns or any shapes you like. We used a black felt tip pen. Colour in the shapes that you have created.

My kids enjoyed doing this and are really proud of their colourful creations.