Month: April 2018

One Suitcase for a Family of Four for a Week – Minimal Packing

packed suitcase with passportSo, we have the challenge of minimal packing with just one case for a week’s worth of clothes and stuff for a family holiday. We recently booked flights for a family holiday and we decided to book one case between the four of us as the price of an extra bag seemed pricey. Baggage allowance varies quite a bit between airlines and we are used to a generous 22Kg and 10Kg of hand luggage with Jet2. This time we have booked with TUI (Thompson) and they only offer 5Kg of hand luggage per person and we have paid for one 20Kg bag. I have just double-checked the TUI FAQs to be sure.

Previously we have needed extra space for baby items, such as nappies and wipes, however I am hoping we can manage with one case. With a charge of £50 per case, it makes me think about our packing. I’d rather buy an extra pair of sandals than pay out an extra £50 for another bag (even if I can’t fit the sandals in the case!)

Minimal Holiday Packing

We are going self catering and plan to eat out in restaurants most evenings. I will try and squeeze in some tea and coffee as well as a few packets of pasta that are invaluable for the kids. I like to have an outfit for every day and an outfit for every evening. Then we will all have something to change into when we go out. I will plan an outfit for every day and night for each of us. I am thinking one pair of sandals and a pair of pumps/trainers each. I’ll try! We will each wear the bulky pumps/trainers for the flight. We will have a washing machine so we could bring fewer items and wash if necessary. I will bring a couple of sample sachets of washing liquid and conditioner. I will also bring a small container of washing up liquid.

Holiday Weather

We are lucky as we are heading to a fairly guaranteed warm climate in the Canary Islands. This means we can pack for warm weather with a few extra items to allow for any cooler times, like in the evenings. The Canaries rarely dip below 20 degrees during the day. I’m expecting warm days and slightly cooler evenings. I will pack a couple of cardigans each and a fleece for any cool times. I will probably dress me and my girls in a cardigan and fleece for the flight.

Holiday Packing List

I always like a list, but when it comes to minimal packing, I know that a list will prevent me going overboard. I have a tendency to pack everything we need and then continue to add extra items over the next few days. Sticking to  list will help avoid this.

Packing Minimal Toiletries

I have various sample sized containers for moisturiser and make up that I have acquired through special offers and bonus buys. They save loads of space. Also I will bring cleanser wipes to replace the usual eye make up remover, facial cleanser and stack of cotton wool pads. I will bring a small tube of toothpaste rather than my usual pump loaded container. I will bring roll on deodorant in stead of a large can of aerosol. Where possible, I will decant small amounts of hair products into mini containers.

Hope this is useful for anyone planning an minimal packing holiday. If you are planning a UK self catering break then it may be useful to read my blog post about Things to pack for a caravan holiday.