Month: April 2017

Costa Adeje, Tenerife

We had a great week in Costa Adeje with a couple of friends and their kids – no dads, eek!

It was the first time I had taken the girls abroad without Daddy. I was concerned about travelling alone with them, but it was so much easier than expected. Once I had offloaded our luggage at the airport, we were able to relax a bit. I had brought loads to do on the plane so the girls were really good and the four and a half hour flight passed fairly quickly. I have written a separate post about travelling alone with kids.

We were staying directly opposite the beach and we spent a lot of time playing in the sand. The sand is black and the kids were covered, but it was great fun and really nice for paddling around the edge and jumping over the waves.

We bought some buckets and spades and the kids played about for hours at a time. There are taps at the edge of the beach for washing off the sand but it does get everywhere.

Mummy drinking beer from a boot in Tenerife


There were loads of restaurants in and around Costa Adeje and they were really reasonably priced. There were a few places selling a pint of beer for 1 euro. Lots of the restaurants serve beer in a boot which is bizarre, but I liked it. I found that the staff were generally family friendly and made a fuss of the kids. We were there over Easter, but I was surprised how few kids and families there were. Maybe if it had been busier with more kids they would have been less patient.

We discovered an amazing ice cream shop, featured in the background of the photo with me drinking beer from a boot. There were over 100 flavours of ice cream to choose from and we all agreed that the banana ice cream was the best.

There was lots of seafood and pasta, both of which I love, so I enjoyed the food and we also had a tapas meal which was lovely, washed down with some Sangria.

Things to do

There were quite a lot of family friendly things to do in Tenerife. I was hoping we could go back to Loro Park, where I have been before. This is a great wildlife park, including the most amazing Penguinarium – home for penguins featuring ice caves and tunnels, but we didn’t do any major days out.

We spent some time in the hotel at the kids club doing craft activities and we did the aqua classes in the pool – me doing aqua aerobics with a child in each arm. We spent loads of time on the beach, we played crazy golf, the girls bounced on a trampoline and we wandered about to parks, restaurants and beaches including some fishing about in rock pools, which we all loved.

The girls were happy to jump over waves and roll about in the black sand. On the first day we arrived, we wandered down to the beach, just for a look, without our swimming costumes and the girls couldn’t resist getting covered. My youngest was rolling about in her vest and loving every minute.